Friday, August 21, 2009

Either chance or intention (no other alternatives), in Darwin's own words

In Darwin's words:

"I cannot look at the universe as the result of blind chance, yet I can see no evidence of beneficent design, or indeed of design of any kind."

"This [conviction in the existence of God] follows from the extreme difficulty or rather impossibility of conceiving this immense and wonderful universe, including man with his capacity of looking far backwards and far into futurity, as the result of blind chance or necessity."

These statements by Darwin clearly shows that he sees only two possible choices for man, either chance or God, for explaining the universe. And his is a theory of chance, as is clear to every sensible human being including Darwin himself but oddly enough not to most of his most outspoken followers.

Today's Darwin followers, a very small fraction of scientists who studies evolution for a living and ranks among the most non-scientific among scientists (those who refuse to allow their theory to be falsified by a contradicting test result), outrageously claim that there is actually a third alternative, i.e., "not pure chance and not pure determination."

In Ernst Mayr's words:

"No one has stated this better than Sewall Wright: “The Darwinian process of continued interplay of a random and a selective process is not intermediate between pure chance and pure determination, but in its consequences qualitatively utterly different from either.”

"It is remarkable how generally it is overlooked that with natual selection Dawin has introduced an entirely new and revolutionary principle which is not at all vulnerable to the objection that his theory relies entirely on accident."

So, these so called evolution scientists obviously have revised Darwinism and made Darwin look stupid, not to mention most of us fellow human beings. Should not they be awarded a Noble for their great discovery of a third alternative besides chance and intention? Well, last time I checked, not a single person has won a Nobel for his contribution to evolution theory. For that to happen, a person would have to first create a shorter word for such a stupid concept of "not pure chance and not pure determination". But unfortunately, chance and intention has already every relevant concepts covered. There is nothing left besides those two for Darwin revisionists to create a name for.

A man was found dead tonight. It could only be either chance or intention, at least those would be the only two possible alternatives worth considering to a police. The creation of human beings in this universe can only be either chance or intention. The death or extinction of the human race in this universe can only be either chance or intention. Most Darwinists, like Steven Gould, say that human may not appear if evolution is repeated, thus viewing human as the result of chance.

Note that intention can allow chance a role in the universe. Like I intentionally use chance or tossing dice to select whether I should serve first. So, the existence of intention does not necessarily rules out any role for chance in this universe. And therefore, the existence of chance as we do seem to see in this universe does not rule out intention. In contrast, a chance theory necessarily rules out intention. When we say either chance or intention, the concept of intention includes any position anywhere from 100% intention to only 0.000...1% intention, and the concept of chance means 0% intention.

Darwinists say that natural selection is not random. By this, they want common folks to think that human is not a result of pure chance. So, what is their prediction if evolution is repeated? would human evolve again? Darwin himself believes in either chance or intention. And it is easy prediction for either chance or intention: if chance, no human; if intention, yes again human. The third alternative of "not pure chance and not pure determination" predicts what? Not pure human and not pure no human? By the admission of most Darwinists, the answer is no human. So for all practical matters that are relevant and important to common folks, their theory is no different from a pure chance theory. Theirs is as far away from an intention theory as any pure chance theory can be.

Telling people that natural selection is not random is not wrong but is a complete nonsense carrying zero useful information. It is exactly like telling a father who has just lost his son to an earthquake that bleeding to death the process is not random and thus he should not view the death of his son random. To say "bleeding to death the process is not random" is not wrong but is such a trivial and irrelevant truth to say and would only confuse the father.

Natural selection the process is not random is such a trivial and irrelevant truth that even Darwin did not bother to say during his entire life. Because he knows that whether it is random or not has no bearing on the random nature of the result of selection, which can only be random in a world without intention.

Again, making a big deal of the non random nature of the selection process can fool no one other than those very few who kept repeating such trivial and irrelevant truth. They probably believe that a lie repeated enough can become truth. Well, they need to first convince the Nobel committee before the common folks. Genuine scientific truth always trickles down from top/elite to bottom/common folks. There are just too many genuine elite scientists, including most mathematicians, most physicists, and most real biologists like myself who would if they have a choice never go into a branch of biology like evolution that has a track record of zero Nobel laureates (a rough measure of its non-scientific nature as is currently practiced), who would simply laugh at any theory that do have and do allow contradictions, regardless whether it is Darwin's or God's theory.

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