Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Recent academic activities

The primate phylogeny paper got published finally.

Huang, S.  (2012)  Primate phylogeny: molecular evidence for a pongid clade excluding humans and a prosimian clade containing tarsiers.  Sci. China Life Sci. 55: 709-725

A preprint on the fact that nearly all sequences in the human genome are functional and on the genetic basis of complex traits and diseases. 

Yuan, D.,  Zhu, Z., Tan, X., Liang, J., Zeng, C., Zhang, J., Chen, J.,  Ma, L., Dogan, A., Brockmann, G., Goldmann, G., Medina, E., Rice, A.D.,  Moyer, R.W.,  Man, X., Yi, K., Li, Y., Lu, Q., Huang, Y.,  Wang, D., Yu, J., Guo, H., Xia, K., and Huang, S. (2012)  Minor alleles of common SNPs quantitatively affect traits/diseases and are under both positive and negative selection.   arXiv:1209.2911[q-bio.GN]. (

We are working on a paper to support the multiregional hypothesis of modern human origins using phylogeny informative sequences.  I recently give a talk on this topic at the CAS-MPG Partner Institute for Computational Biology in Shanghai.

My lab website has PDFs of my recent papers for download.

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