Monday, September 14, 2009

My comment on CAPS finally appeared on Cell website

It took more than two weeks and a push note from me for Cell to finally publish my comment on CAPS related to the recent Cell paper: "Protein Sectors: Evolutionary Units of Three-Dimensional Structure". See my comment on the Cell website here:

My push note to Cell below:

Dear Editor,

It has taken a lot longer than usual for you to make a call on my previous comment "complexity associated protein sectors". I thought I just write to check that you are still in touch. I realize that my comment is a bit challenging to the paradigm. But there is nothing in it that is non-scientific. If it has scientific value, which it does, it should not be suppressed simply because it challenges or does not support the paradigm. If the comment is mistaken and the paradigm is rock solid, it would be me rather than the paradigm that will suffer the humiliation. If I am right and the paradigm wrong, it should not be Cell's responsibility to defend the paradigm at all costs. So what is the problem? Cell has nothing to lose if a comment on its website is mistaken but would lose a lot if it is made known that it actively suppresses scientific opinions (for the sake of what? money?). Especially when that opinion may represent the real knowledge. Cell could only gain its status as a disinterested truth seeker if it allows scientific opinions of all kinds to compete.

Look forward to hearing from you soon on my previous comment. If you need more time to make your decision, fine. If you decide not to publish it, please inform me with specific scientific reasons. I highly encourage you to be on the side of a disinterested truth seeker.

BTW, I dont mean to publish this enquiry here, I wrote it here simply because I have no other way of contacting you.

Shi Huang, Ph.D.


Central South Univ.

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